…one gets used to it!

Club-Mate [ˈklup ˈmaːtə] is a soft drink manufactured in Münchsteinach, Germany by the Brauerei Loscher KG, which is now available in the United States.

For personal consumption, cases of Club-Mate can be purchased through the 2600 store and shipped to anywhere within the continental United States. Additionally, Club-Mate is available at select retailers in many states. For a complete list of outlets, visit Club-Mate USA and check the store locator. New locations are added daily.

For further information about Club-Mate, visit (in German), see the Wikipedia article, or read our FAQ Page.

For further questions on individual sales, please contact us at or call (631) 751-2600.

For wholesale and re-sale inquiries, please contact or call (212) 726-2309.

U.S. import of Club-Mate is a project of 2600 Enterprises. A joint venture between 2600 Enterprises and CM-USA LLC has been agreed upon between both parties for the distribution of Club-Mate in the U.S.

Where to Buy Club-Mate in the United States